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How to identify a good headset
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A headset will not external factors can decide, some material and some structure used and can not represent what the excellent design is the perfect combination of modern headset electro acoustics, material science, ergonomics and audio aesthetics. -- the evaluation of headphones

For an evaluation of the headset we need to go through an objective test and subjective hearing before we can draw a conclusion. The test objective includes headset frequency response curves, impedance curve, square wave test, intermodulation distortion etc..

Today, we only discuss the subjective listening evaluation of headphones, which is a necessary step in our choice of headphones.

To correctly evaluate the sound of headphones, we must first understand the characteristics of the headset. The earphone has the advantage that the speaker can not match, phase distortion is small, the frequency response is broad, the transient response is good, the detail is rich, can restore the delicate lifelike sound. But there are two drawbacks of the headset, accurate to say that this is the two characteristics of the headset, they are determined by the physical location of the headset relative to the body.

The first feature is "the head of the headset".

The acoustic environment is a headset has the nature of nature, and the sound is man's head and ears after the interaction into the ear canal, headset sound directly into the ear canal; and most of it is produced for the record playback of audio speakers, two speakers in the connection line, because of these two reasons we use the headset will feel were formed in the head, the sense of hearing is not natural, easy to cause fatigue. The head of the headset can be improved by using a special physical structure, sound field simulation software and hardware in the market also has a lot of.

The second feature is the low frequency of the headset.

Low frequency (40Hz-20Hz) and ultra low frequency (20Hz) are perceived by the body, the human ear is not sensitive to these bands. Headphones can be perfect playback of this low frequency, but because the body can not feel the low frequency, it will make people feel that the low frequency of headphones. Since the headphones sound mode and the speaker is different, the sound of the sound of the headset has its own unique way. The headset generally improved high frequency, it gives people a sense of balance in detail rich voice; a low frequency completely flat headset often makes people feel lack of sound thin, low frequency, low frequency is appropriate to enhance the headset means frequently used, so you can make the sound headset is full, low dive deep. The most commonly used means of light headphones and ear plugs, their small size of the diaphragm can not be reproduced deep bass, through the low frequency of the middle of the low frequency (80Hz-40Hz) can be satisfied with the low frequency effect. The true voice is not good, the headset design of these two methods are effective, but too far, if excessive increase of high frequency and low frequency sound will destroy the balance, stimulate the tone is easy to fatigue. If the headset is a sensitive area, where the most abundant information music, but also the most sensitive ear place. If the headset design treated with caution, some low-grade headset the frequency response range is limited, but through the sound improve if the upper and low for bright sharp tone and muddy, resulting in high intensity, low frequency good appearance, long time listening to the headset will feel flat and uninteresting.

Excellent headphone sound should have the following characteristics:

A sound, the bottom is pure, without any unpleasant "hiss" and "buzz" and "coax" sound.

Two, a good sense of balance, tone is never too bright or too dark, high frequency energy distribution, fusion band between natural and smooth, without burr and abrupt.

Three, high frequency extension is good, delicate and supple.

Four, low dive deep clean, full of elasticity and intensity, without any fertilizer, slow feeling.

Five, if the distortion is small, transparent and warm, cordial and natural voice, thickness, magnetic, dental and nasal no exaggeration.

Six, good analytical power, rich in detail, small signal can also be a clear playback.

Seven, has a good sound field characterization ability, sound field is open, the instrument positioning accurate and stable, sound field has enough information, no empty feeling.

Eight, there is no obvious dynamic compression, with a good sense of speed, large volume under the distortion or distortion is very small.

Such a perfect headset can replay any type of music that has a good degree of truth and sense of music, long-term use will not cause fatigue, can make the listener immersed in music.

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