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How to burn the headset
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Use FM radio, turn the radio to a no signal channel, the volume control below 20. By this time the Zizi sound is equivalent to burning machines we usually use the white noise of the disc. New headphones to buy back probably need to burn 8 hours a day, continued for a week and two weeks. Although this approach to slow, but relatively safe. At least not because of improper operation of the headset on the bad.

The use of CD or MP3 play different styles of music, usually with CD player needs 10 hours or so, so long playing time is easy to reduce the life of cd. And if the use of MP3 broadcast as a result of its own advantages, they can play a long time. Very suitable for pot headphones. Beginning with some soft music, at a relatively low volume so that the headset to relieve 10-30 hours, and then use the ordinary music (rock and dance except) in a medium volume state praise for 100-200 hours; if you don't listen to treble harsh, become rounded natural, warm baritone Pro cut, low frequency is not jumbled the rumble, and full details, that basically is be accomplished.


In addition, some people praise the love with the headset audio equipment, such as computer audio etc.. Although this can use some specific software and specific yindie. Cooker headset more professional. But small make up is not recommended for beginners to use this method. Because now a lot of repair is when the headset to machine improper broken. If you have more professional people around, then you can try this kind of method. In general is to use the white noise of the disc and the pink noise of the dish to alternating pot. Some of the specific frequency generators are used to burn the. Praise the benefits of this method is that you can make the headset to quickly enter the state. Of course, if the operation is not easy to burn the headset.

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