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Bluetooth Earphones
Double Drive Bluetooth Earphon
Procluct Specification
  How to identify a good headset
A headset will not external factors can decide, some material and some structure used and can not represent what the excellent design is the perfect combination of modern headset electro acous...
browse:2391  /  publish:2016/11/23
  Influence of wire on the sound of earphone
The influence of wire on sound is an indisputable fact. The different signal lines, in the HI-FI system of speaker wire have obviously changed the nature of the sound, the headset is no excepti...
browse:1034  /  publish:2016/11/23
  How to burn the headset
Use FM radio, turn the radio to a no signal channel, the volume control below 20. By this time the Zizi sound is equivalent to burning machines we usually use the white noise of the disc. N...
browse:3068  /  publish:2016/11/23

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