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Brand advantage
Joining condition
Cooperation process
Our series of products for the National Recruitment dealers, preferential policies! For more information, please call advisory!

Product advantage

All products from the design to the birth of the need to go through 17 processes strictly tested, to have the opportunity to be branded on the LOGO, to the consumer.

7 production processes

Ensure slow down into the implementation of the design concept of the headset to ensure that every detail is to maximize the attention, to ensure that a step at least one person is responsible for.

4 to control process

Ensure efficiency, ensure the overall co-ordination, to ensure that each employee's enthusiasm to play.

6 inspection procedures

That beautiful sound, excellent material, color accurate, to achieve excellence in every detail.

Management advantage

Perfect after sales service system, deal with the timely, feedback quickly

Product is rich, the quality of continuous innovation is the key to profitability

Operating advantage

Small and strong investment in the investment, a variety of patterns and easy location

Simple operation without experience, the market has a huge profit margins
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