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Bluetooth Earphones
Double Drive Bluetooth Earphon
Procluct Specification
Even Shi Kuang with the sharpest ears in the world can’t calibrate five tones without six pitches  -- Menci, one of the four classics of Chinese Confucianism.
Shenzhen Sixpipes Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that specializes in design, development, manufacture and sale of digital audio products. Our registered trademark is “Sixpipes”, meaning pitch pipes. Adhering to the principle of professionalism, innovation and consistent pursuit, we apply forefront technologies and schemes to develop high-end Bluetooth speakers, earphones and a series of products to satisfy needs of mid- to high-tier consumers.
We have outstanding R&D teams in ID, structure and electronics, build an independent  acoustical laboratory and is equipped with advanced testing equipments such as oscilloscopes and audio analyzers. We are able to provide services including design and manufacture of ODM and OEM to our clients and have built a good reputation among the clients.
We cordially welcome guidance from peers and cooperation with clients.
Technology leads life   Products contain feelings

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